About me
22 November 2015

Preparing the decoration during a photoshoot, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia (2016)

Hello everyone and welcome to my webpage!

A bit about me

I’m of Indo-Nepalese origin with a Portuguese surname. I grew up in Mangalore in India and I moved to Sydney in 2013 (where I’ll be living for a few more years before moving to another place). So, I’m basically a small-town guy who is thrilled by the amazing things a city life has to offer. But to be honest, I love a village life. People simply don’t call me the “Jack of all traits”. I’m on a constant move around the world which is why I love travelling. I like outdoor stuff like hiking, climbing, kayaking or even swimming. Part of me is also passionate about musical instruments and I’m also remarkably curious about how everything works. I’m also a huge fan of humour, maybe that’s why I can make anyone laugh if I want to. My life goals? To be everything that I want to be, to do everything I like to do and to be everywhere I want to be.

My approach to photography & the idea of Adriatography

When it comes to photography, I’m a generalist. So I don’t limit myself to any one particular kind. But most importantly I look for details and refinement. I think the essence of my images are the lighting. I started photography with landscapes and as time passed by I became a people person – I guess this will switch back and forth and I try to work with artists whenever possible.

Happy browsing folks!


Adrian Pinto